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9 Tape Loops and 9 Back Pieces for Bispebjerg Station (2018)

The exhibition consists of a musical composition made from 9 cassette tape loops, playing from cassette decks with built-in speakers and 9 vests with textile back pieces hanging from the 9 angles on the top of the pavilion.

The trance-like repetition from the drone noises coming out of the cassette decks mirrors the sirens of the passing ambulances in Tagensvej, as a study of/with accidents. The Back Pieces are meditations over vests as identity markers from underground cultures that refuse to die.

- - -

Scissors is a newly founded mobile project space that aims to provide the architectural frame for showing contemporary art in public space with minimized bureaucracy, local intimacy and total accessibility. During the first cycle of Scissors, the invited artists have been asked to choose a location for the Scissors' project space to be unfolded, and within the context of the specific location reflect on how the idea of art in public space can be expanded. Scissors is created by Vladas Suncovas. The pavillon's cover has been developed by artist Julie Riis Andersen.

- - -

Back Piece I.jpg
Back Piece II.jpg
Back Piece III.jpg
Back Piece IV.jpg
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