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Kuk & Parfyme (2009-2017)

Collaborative project with Ingrid Forland that started out as a screening club located at Kurant Art Space in Tromsø. The project evolved into a publication about trash aesthetics, sexual politics and cinema, and later into a sculptural and curatorial project.


From the screening club days at Kurant, Tromsø 2009-2010


Lecture by Tim Stüttgen about Post-porn politics as a part of the release for Kuk & Parfyme Zine #1. Hordaland art centre, Bergen 2011.


Promotional photo for the publication (2011)


The sculptural publication Kuk & Parfyme Zine #2 at Gallery Holodeck, Oslo 2011


The performative publication Kuk & Parfyme #3 at  Gallery Holodeck, Oslo 2011


Midnight Movies at Kurant, Tromsø 2012 in collaboration with Tromsø International Film Festival.


SALT/MINT/PISS, a site-specific sculptural project at Hove music festival 2012 in collaboration with Geir Backe Altern

08 Kuk&Parfyme.klut.dobbelskalert.jpg
08 Kuk&Parfyme.klut.dobbelskalert.jpg

Washcloth (with added stain) from the exhibition BarHvaViHar #5 at Warehouse 9, Copenhagen 2012.

Kurant Bed & Video 2015.jpg

Kurant Bed and Video. Hotel with screening program made in collaboration with Geir Backe Altern for Tromsø International Film Festival 2015 at Kurant Art Space, Tromsø


Programme for Kurant Bed and Video 2015

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