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*Det Skeive Blikket / The Queer Gaze part 2, group exhibition at KODE, Bergen, 23.09.- 31.12 2022
*Solo exhibition at Telemark Kunstsenter, Skien, 12.11-18.12 2022

*Popty Ping, group exhibition curated by Sø at Den frie, København 31.03.2023
*Solo exhibition at Sentrum senter for samtiden, Oslo, 16.06.2023

Coming up:
*Sørlandsutstillingen, touring group exhibition, Arendal, Stathelle and Søgne,   05.08.- 19.11.202
*Group exhibition at Leveld Kunstnartun, Ål, 18.08.2023

*Solo exhibition at Foajégalleriet USN, Notodden, 23.08.2023
*Lounge Corp Grand Prix, group exhibition at OPEN, Reykjavik, 26.08.2023
*Duo exhibition w. Agnes Guttormsgaard at Telemark Kunstmuseum, Notodden    January 2025

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